Specialist onsite diagnostics service for Electronic Control Units

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment allows us to pinpoint the location and nature of ECU failures. We can now look at the vehicles CAN system to see if there are any other components that are creating a problem for the transmission e.g. wiring harnesses, switches, or clutch booster packs. These other components or ECUs if they are faulty can have a direct impact on how the gearbox behaves. Some vehicles do a self check when the ignition is turned on and if a fault is reported the gearbox ECU will not allow the vehicle to start. The gearbox ECU also looks at other components or ECUs to select the correct gear for the current driving conditions e.g. vehicle load weight, current road speed, engine speed or if a PTO is engaged or not. The dedicated systems we have also allow us to interrogate the ECU within the workshop environment, this gives us fault codes that we can translate and make a more informed diagnosis as to the nature of the failure, and possible causes. These systems together with our dedicated trained staff allow us to perform full gearshift operation within our test facility that houses custom-built, electronically controlled test rigs that allow us to test the very latest gearboxes from EATON, ZF, SCANIA, VOLVO & MERCEDES. If the vehicle can be driven or recovered to our premises we can, with our modern facility and experienced staff offer in-house diagnostics, where if the fault is deemed to be mechanical we can remove, repair and re-fit the transmission.

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