Volvo Gearbox

Volvo Truck Gearbox

On the Volvo gearbox range, we offer a complete service on all makes and models of Commercial Vehicle Gearboxes. Early model gearboxes include the Volvo R1000, R1400, R1700 and the SR1400, SR1700 also the VT2214 and VT2009 as fitted to the Volvo FH & FM Models. We can also offer a full service on the very latest I-Shift Transmissions. We also carry on stock the Wabco Actuators fitted to all I-Shift models. Our Company offers a complete diagnostic and fault-finding service on this now very common transmission. All the Volvo gearboxes supplied or reconditioned by us are put through their paces in our dyno test facility ensuring trouble free installation and operation. All gearboxes are supplied with a full 12-month warranty both parts and labour.
Volvo Differential

Volvo Differential

A complete range of driveheads are available including the Volvo EV80, Volvo EV85 and Volvo EV87, all ratios of differentials are carried on stock for both Truck and Bus applications.Also available now is the later generation of Meritor differential driveheads as fitted to the latest Volvo FM Series. Our Differential workshops are fitted out with the latest equipment ensuring all our differentials are built to exacting standards and specifications.
Volvo Power Steering

Volvo Power Steering

Power steering has been amongst our product range for a number of years where we offer all popular ZF and TRW steering boxes that are fitted throughout the entire Volvo series of vehicles. Being a safety critical product, our Power Steering department is equipped with the latest dyno test facility allowing us to fully test all units to O.E specification ensuring trouble free installation and safe operation.
Volvo Propshaft

Volvo Propshaft

To complete the range of drivetrain equipment we stock all makes of Propshafts to suit all Volvo current production and to complement this we hold all universal joints and centre support bearings. Our Propshaft department is fully equipped with auto weld and balancing machines ensuring all units give trouble free service.

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